Press release: Adcasa announces new collaboration with tech giant

Press release: Adcasa announces new collaboration with tech giant

Lisboa, Portugal, Aug. 19, 2022 – Adcasa is proud to present a new partnership with the world’s largest search engine, Google.

Adcasa has a long experience of working with Google’s various products and, after a careful selection process, became the actor that Google chose to be responsible for Swedish advertising content on the Swedish market for some of the biggest brands on the market.

The partnership will be via the Silicon Vally based tech firm Tech FireFly, which for a long time has had a close collaboration with the search giant.

Tech FireFly consists today of more than 1000+ employees spread all over the world and has over 50 well-established brands in its portfolio that together turn over a double-six-figure amount.

The company will help Google with the onboarding process for Adcasa and at the same time act as an external consultant to Google and Adcasa with the aim of streamlining the workflow for both parties.

Adcasa will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating ad content intended for the Swedish market for global brands interested in entering the local market.

Together, the partners will be able to guarantee a delivery based on quality, professionalism and best practice. This is to ensure that Google’s end users have a positive user experience across the entire Google network.

If you are curious about how Adcasa can help your company grow online both cost-effectively and long-term, then don’t hesitate to contact us.