Lead Generation for Law firms

Lead Generation for Law firms

In an increasingly competitive market, it has become more difficult for law firms to generate new clients for their companies. Traditionally, law firms have not had to market themselves to the extent required today to reach new clients. Many times it has been enough for one or more people to go to law school, start a company and spread their brand by mouth-to-mouth and trust that their company’s service will be spread that way.

But legal education is no longer exclusive in such a way that it is only a select few people who can study and learn the art of the law, but today anyone can train as a lawyer as long as the grades are sufficient and in many countries, you don’t have to have a law degree to give legal advice on a professional level.

It can of course differ within which university the person is educated at and since all universities have different resources available, it can be argued that certain individuals who graduate from some universities receive a more solid education. But like many other things, it primarily depends on the person. If a person is genuinely interested in the art of law, then that person will be at least as capable of offering high-quality legal services to their clients as a person who has studied at a school that may be more difficult to get into because they have more applicants.

Regardless of which path the person chooses, these days business owners need to be able to work actively with marketing in order to distinguish themself from the competitors in the chosen field for the purpose of winning new clients.

Apart from the word-of-mouth method where people refer to a lawyer based on the great service the lawyer has provided, law firms are generally bad at marketing their services to the mass market. Many times the firms have little to no experience when it comes to marketing themselves in both offline line media and the digital landscape. Why this is always speculative but it may have to do with that history wise law firms did not have to do any marketing for themself due to the lack of competition and there has always been a steady demand for their services.

In today’s digital landscape where all information is at our fingertips and the user can read about rules and regulations themself, it is critical for any law firm to market themself if they want to stay competitive, and it is especially important when it comes to creating brand awareness online for there services. If the company is newly started, it is even more important to get its brand out on the market for the purpose of generating its first client and creating brand awareness.

As we today live in the digital age, consumers have also become more interested in the services that law firms offer and the search for the service starts online before they make a call to the law firm or contact them in any other way.

Google Trends is a great place to see what is trending in your field of business. Below you can continue to read about how you can use Google Trends to be on top of what is trending in your area.

Lead generation for law firms using Google Trends

By using Google trends, we can see which search terms are trending, and which new keywords in the legal world people are using for the purpose of getting in contact with law firms. The tool also allows us to compare different searches to each other to determine which services in the legal world it seerch more for in relation to the word next to it.

In this case, we have compared the following terms against each other in a global market:

  • Free legal advice
  • Legal support
  • Family lawyer
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Contract lawyer


Some key takeaways from this information are:

  • Free legal advice for startups + 800%
  • Free legal advice for small businesses +200
  • Free legal advice hotline 24/7 +190%

By looking at trending keywords, you can adapt your law firm’s services to meet the increased demand in your local market and determine how you want to allocate your marketing budget to meet these new demands. What the tool also shows us is that some services that were in higher demand three years ago are not as relevant today even though there are searches for them on Google.

Leads for law firms with Google Ads

Google is today the world’s largest search engine, their market share on the global market is currently 92.47%.

Regardless of what we’re looking for, the vast majority of us use the service as a starting point when searching for information, learning something new or if we’re looking to buy a gift for ourselves or someone we love. Not promoting your business on Google today is giving your brand a direct disservice because Google owns such a large part of the market and as stated above, it is the first page most of us use when it comes to acquiring information regarding a topic or service.

A big advantage of Google being so big is that they have developed a unique advertising platform that enables advertisers to cost-effectively reach new clients with the services that the company offers,  that advertising platform is called Google Ads.

As an advertiser, you no longer need to turn to the traditional media to strengthen your brand or take important market shares within your segment. Another advantage of using Google Ads to market your services is that you can track your investment in a completely different way compared to traditional media.

Let’s look at an example to make it more clear:

Example: If you, as a company, choose to advertise in a newspaper or on television, the salesperson will only talk to you about reach or impressions.

Reach is great if you are looking to create brand awareness for your company or create a top of mind with the consumer, but it will be basically impossible for you as an advertiser to track your investment from these channels to the tool you are using to track visitors on your site. Note: Google is working on this and it is one of the biggest questions we as advertisers can ask ourselves: How can we track online impressions and connect them to visitors to our site. Google is currently experiencing with this but there is still a long way to go to connect online and offline media.

In other words, you will find it extremely difficult to measure ROAS (return on ad spend) on your investment from offline media. The question you will ask yourself after the campaign is done is: How many of those who saw or heard my ad on TV, Radio or early on led to a purchase? If you want to play a little with your current agency that handles your offline advertisement you can ask this question to see what the answer will be.

Then digital marketing is a much healthier option if you are interested in being able to calculate the return on your media investment in the form of ROI (Return on investment) and ROAS, The reason for that is that you can implement tracking code on your site and connect it to the different analysing tools you are using and by using that data you will be able to find out how successful your digital media investment was.

Track your conversions with Google Analytics

One of the best tools for tracking visitors to your site is using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that any advertiser can use to track their visitors to their site. The reason why you want to do this is not only to get great conversion data but also to understand who your visitors are so you can direct your advertising budget in a much more efficient manner.

Some great things you can track and see in Google analytics is but not limited to: 

  • Demographic data
  • Geographic data
  • Visitors average income
  • What searches on Google did the visitor do to get to your site
  • Funnel view that allows you to see how the users are navigating your site
  • Where the visitors exit your site

The main reason why you want to track your visitors on your site is of course so you can make better business decisions based on data for the purpose of guaranteeing a positive return on your ad investment. But it can also be so you can create a better experience for your user to make sure they return to your site – Site reputation is a real thing and it is growing!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s own advertising platform that enables advertisers to grow their businesses across the different Google services in a cost-efficient manner. With the tool, advertisers can tailor ad messages about their services for the purpose of recking out to new potential clients.

A big advantage of Google Ads is that the platform is a so-called PPC platform. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means that the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad, not when users only see the ad in the SERP (Search engine result page). This, combined with the fact that the ad is only visible when someone is actively searching for law firm services, makes the platform a very good tool to use to reach out to potential new clients when they are actively searching for the services that your business offers This is what we call buy mode or in-market users.

Because Google’s search engine business model is built and based around relevance, Google Ads is not only a great and cost-efficient way for any business or adviser to utilise for the purpose of winning new clients online but it also is one of the best ways of creating brand awareness on the online today!

How much does it cost?

Another big advantage of using Google Ads to market your services is that you decide entirely yourself how much you want to invest in the platform.

Whether your marketing budget is €100 or €10,000 is entirely up to you. There is no absolute minimum or maximum for advertisers to adhere to when using Google Ads!

By creating good ads that are highly relevant to what the user is looking for, you will be able to reduce the cost per click to a very low level, which will make your media investment last longer and you will be able to see a positive ROAS very early on.

If you have decided to advertise on Google in order to generate more leads for your law firm, it is important to find a partner that has experience working with lead generation before and a company that handles your investment in a responsible way.

But it is also important that the company you are partnering with understand how the Google Ads platform works in order to create a Google Ads account that follows Google’s best practices for advertisers. This is to make sure your media investment is invested in a responsible way and is profitable at the end of the day.

It can be difficult to find an advertising agency that knows what they’re doing, they promise the world but deliver nothing and they always ask for more money…

Hire Adcasa for lead generation for your law firm

By hiring adcsa.io for your lead generation you can be sure that you will be partnering with an experienced ad agency with 10 years of experience working with companies that are focused on lead generation for law firms.

For us it is important that we are clear with the objectives from the start, that is why we always start our partnership with an initial conversation about your goal, and expectations but also your conditions for a successful investment in Google Ads. We believe by having this dialogue with you we will be able to give your media investment the best criteria to succeed in the digital landscape and you as a partner will also get a better understanding of how Google Ads works and how it can help your business to grow.

At Adcasa, we believe in transparency, honesty and above all trust.

We believe that trust is earned after demonstrating a positive result from our client’s investments and we believe that transparency and honesty come to form great communication with our partners about their media investment.

After we have had a dialogue about your goals, we come to the implementation phase.

What then happens then is that your personal PPC Manager will create a Google Ads account that reflects your website with ad copy that goes in line with your company’s tonality. When we create our client’s Google Ads account we always adhere to Google’s best practices. This means we always create a structure in your Google Ads account that will be granular and cost-efficient as possible.

When the account structure, ads and tracking implementation are done your company and your personal PPC Manager will have a meeting about your Google Ads account for the purpose of walking you through the setup and the strategy behind it.

If you feel you are ready to get started with your Google Ads campaign we will push the big green button and get started!

We believe in transparency, communication and trust

You as an advertiser will want to see detailed data from your media investment on Google Ads, some of the fundamental KPIs we will measure but are not limited to are:

  • Click
  • Impressions
  • CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Cost
  • Search impression share
  • Conversion
  • Cost per conversion
  • Conversion rate

This will always be the basis for all reports that we create for our clients and it is for you to get a better picture of what your advertising on Google Ads generates and what you actually earn from advertising on Google.

Transparency is important to us and we always hold a dialogue about which KPIs are important to you in our initial meeting. If it is the case that you wish to receive a more in-depth report, your PPC Manager will ensure that such a report is sent to you.

Key takeaways from the article

By using Google Ads, which is Google’s own advertising tool, you will be able to cost-effectively reach potential clients when they are actively searching for the services that your company offers.

  • Law firms need to adapt to the digital landscape if they want to stay competitive.
  • Google is where most searches start.
  • Google Ads is Google’s platform for advertisers.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.
  • By tracking your visitors to your site, you will get a better understanding of who your customers are and can adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Adcasa always works according to the principles of transparency, communication and trust.

Hire us today and we’ll help your law firm generate more leads on Google, increase brand awareness for your company, and you’ll get a partner you can trust.