How Google Ads can help you grow your Social Media following

How Google Ads can help you grow your Social Media following

Throughout all time, the personal brand has been an important part when it comes to getting new customers, networking and influencing the outside world. It is said that your reputation of you and who you are always come first when you walk into a meeting.


Possessing a strong personal brand not only opens doors to you that were previously closed, but it can also put you in contact with people who can invite you to forums that were previously inaccessible.


No matter what you work on, where you are or what professional field you operate in, your personal brand will be a critical part when it comes to winning new business.


With the intrusion of social media, everyone now has an opportunity to create a following and the opportunity to create a brand around our own person. Whether it’s lifestyle blogs, sports people or in your professional field. The platforms allow us to spread our brand to the masses in a way that has not been possible before.


With several of the larger social media platforms, it is included in the algorithm that if a user creates content on a regular basis, the algorithm prioritises that account. If the user also gets a high level of commitment to their cash, the spread of the published material increases even further.


Although your brand is partially protected on the social media platforms in the form that no other user can create an account with the same name as you, this does not mean that there will not be accounts that will try to capitalise on your brand’s success.


There are several examples of this, but to be a little more concrete, we can take the successful hip hop artist 2pac. 2pac’s brand is perhaps a typical example of how a person’s brand that does not have a central organisation that protects the brand can be used to market all conceivable products and services.


Even though the artist has been dead for 26 years, his merchandising, music and artistic integrity are still being spread on social media. There are whole YouTube channels that create music in his name, Instagram accounts that upload pictures of 2pac on a daily basis, but also websites that capitalise on his success in order to sell t-shirts and make money.


Much of the royalties that would normally be paid to 2pac’s relatives or company instead end up in the pockets of individual users or companies that have no regard for the artist’s integrity.


It is not only artists who are affected by this, but there are also companies that are used for the purpose of generating income for individuals who have nothing to do with the company’s operations.


This is a consequence of the free information society in which we all live, but it also shows the ignorance of many companies and personal brands who do not understand how the various channels of the digital landscape can be used to ride the wave of the brand in order to generate income for people who do not represent the brand in question.


Some of the absolute most popular social media channels can be broken down in several different ways, the below categorization is just one way of breaking them down:


  • TikTok – Video content in short format
  • Instagram – Mainly used for pictures but are trying out short video format.
  • LinkedIn – For businesses and entrepreneurs. In recent years, influencers of all imaginable following bases have begun to enter the platform.
  • Facebook – The platform is one of the oldest SOME platforms on the market, which means that it is generational. While TikTok often consists of a younger audience, FB is both for younger and older people.
  • YouTube – Among the first platforms that allowed creators to monetize their content, creating a whole new profession. YouTuber.
  • Twitch – Used many times to stream your hoppy to a live audience.


Google+ came, it saw but did not conquer

In 2011, Google made an attempt to enter the SOME market by creating its own social media platform, Google+. On Google+, users could, among other things, share status updates in the form of text, share images and videos, and also create groups.


This was not the first time that Google tried to enter the SOME market, but it was the first project that gained international impact. A big reason why Google+ did so well at first has to do with the fact that Facebook had largely laid the foundation for how a successful social media platform should be designed. Many of the functions that Facebook had developed were also implemented in the Google+ platform.


However, there was a fundamental difference between the two platforms, a difference that might be hard to measure, but that was the coolness factor. The truth was that the target audience that Google+ was targeting was already established on Facebook, all their friends were on Facebook, and Google+ didn’t appeal to the masses in the same way. Partly because Google+ was used a lot and only by people in the digital industry but also because the interface was stripped down and perceived as boring for many of the more common users.


The fact that Google then made the decision to link Google+ accounts to YouTube, which meant that the user had to have a Google+ account to be able to comment, did not make matters any better. This was before you had to have a Gmail account to interact with the platform, so Google adding Google+ didn’t make things any better. At the time, YouTube was still considered a neutral place for sharing information without prying eyes prying into what content was on the platform.


After a few years of stagnating growth and Google not seeing the results it had hoped for from the SOME platform, the company eventually chose to shut down the project. At that time, Google+ had over 200 million users.


Google+ is proof that, just because your platform has the same features as another, it is not a guarantee that the platform will succeed in the long term. What made Facebook successful was not just the copy-paste of MySpace but also all the unique features that were available in the platform’s infancy.


To name a few:

  • The ability to see who visited your profile the most
  • The ability to rank who was the prettiest among your friends
  • Endless platforming


Facebook has received a lot of criticism for these functions, but we must remember that even fixed internet has existed “for a long time”, so certain functions have not been available to the general public for as long.


It may seem laughable that some of these features were considered controversial when they arrived, especially when today via dedicated applications we can swipe right and left based solely on another person’s appearance and it is considered “normal”. – Time really does fly!


How to use Google Ads to increase your following in social media

But the fact remains that Google search is the world’s largest search engine and it is the service most of us turn to search for information about products, services or the latest news about our favourite influencer.


It is a website that presents information to us in an efficient, relevant and visually appealing way, and the service is also completely free to use.


Since many of us use Google as our first point of contact to find information, it is a very good platform to strengthen your brand online.


Many people do not think that Google and Google Ads are perfect platforms for strengthening your brand. Although there may be SOME channels that we turn to when we want to follow the influencer itself, it is Google that we go to when we want to search for information about our influencers.

Whether it’s news, products or we want to see what influencer social presence looks like over the internet, we still turn to the search engine.


By buying your own brand on Google via Google Ads, you can ensure that your brand’s exposure is owned by you and not by your competitors.


This means that when a user searches for your brand, your ad is triggered so that you can lead users to the landing page that you believe is best for your brand. Instead of a competitor buying your brand name and taking potential customers away from you.


A clear example of where companies buy each other’s brand names on Google is in the financial industry.


In this industry, it has almost become best practice to buy your competitors’ names on Google in order to win over potential customers from the competitor. This is because the banks, credit institutions and loan brokers know that the customer’s number one priority is to take a loan from a supplier that offers the absolute best benefits for the customer and that customer loyalty is limited. Nobody wants to pay an unnecessary amount for a loan.


If you are an influencer and work with SOME to grow your follower base, it is critical that you use Google Ads to ensure that none of your competitors buys your name in order to lead potential followers to other influencers’ accounts. Especially not if you also sell products or services using your personal brand.


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